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An open letter to the World Health Organization and Heads of all governments across the world!

When you can’t lockdown forever, getting deliberately exposed to

COVID-19 in a phased manner is the only way ahead!



Before we discuss on why and how we require deliberately getting exposed to COVID-19 in a phased manner, I request you to answer the following two questions:


  1. Do you have any hope that by the end of this lockdown period we will have a vaccine in hand? If you decide to lockdown till the time we get the vaccine, then we require locking down for a minimum period of one year, as that is the minimum time it takes to prepare a superfast vaccine. Are we prepared to lockdown for one full year? Are we seriously on the job of preparing the vaccine?


  1. Suppose you extend this lockdown for 10 times or up to six months, do you think the virus gets inactive by that time and so people can go out and do business as usual? My answer is that even if you lockdown yourself for a full year, still this virus can harm you the moment you get exposed to it after a one year lockdown, as this virus widely spread across the world and so wiping it off in every single person during the lockdown period is just impossible.


Therefore, you are left with two options now:

OPTION – 1: Lockdown till we get the vaccine.

OPTION – 2: Lockdown till we mentally and physically prepare to face the virus even at the cost of some lives.


Option – 1 is meant for high risk people and high risk nations. Following categories of people are termed as high risk people:

  1. Diabetic patients

  2. High blood pressure patients

  3. Patients with breathing problems

  4. Aged people.


High risk nations are those nations in which considerable percentage of deaths is registered among normal people (other than high risk people) or those nations in which considerable population is dominated by high risk people.


If you have no plan to lockdown till a vaccine is ready and or you belong to those nations that registered considerably lesser deaths – this second option of intentionally and deliberately getting exposed to the COVID-19 in a strategic and phased manner is the best available solution. To talk openly, I mean to say, you come out, do business as usual without wearing masks, without maintaining social or physical distance and without washing your hands etc and get exposed to this COVID-19 virus. Following are the most probable consequences:


  1. Some of the contaminated people don’t show any symptoms or they are yet to be contaminated.

  2. Some of the contaminated people show mild symptoms of fever, cold, cough etc but don’t require any medication, as they get normal within 4 to 5 days.

  3. Some of the contaminated people require medication at home.

  4. Some of the contaminated people require oxygen through external source (other than ventilators).

  5.  Some of the contaminated people require only ventilator support but don’t require direct supervision of doctors in the hospital. So, these patients don’t need to get admitted in the hospital.

  6. Some of the contaminated people require admission in the hospital and personal observation by the doctors.


  1. Campaign extensively to educate and let the people decide under which of the above 6 categories they fall into.

  2. Prescribe the medicines and dosage for category – 3 people and make the medicines available at all pharmacies at quite affordable prices.

  3. Get ready with sufficient supply of medicines, oxygen and ventilators.

  4. Train and issue certificates to all the paramedical staff who can attend COVID-19 patients at home by providing oxygen supply and ventilator support.

  5. Relax some rules and allow certified medical staff to provide ventilator support to patients at home.

  6. Assume that we are going to face severe shortage of beds. So, come up with clearly mentioned rules and regulations on whom to allow as in-patients.


Before welcoming COVID-19 into your body, you need to get well prepared with the following 10 steps:


  1. Observe at least 3 to 4 days fruit fasting, so as to let your body ready to fight the virus. Obese people are advised to fruit fast for 5 to 7 days.

  2. Replace your usual breakfast with sprouted grains for 30 days before getting deliberately exposed to COVID-19 and continue the same breakfast for another 60 days. Consume 50 grams of raw ground nuts with 50 grams of jaggery every day for 90 days if you are anemic.

  3. Make sure you eat healthy food for a period of 30 days before getting deliberately exposed to COVID-19 and continue the same food for another 60 days. Healthy food is the one which we cook with no salt or lowest possible salt and at lesser heat (low flame) without using packaged, processed and frozen ingredients. By consuming fruits and green leafy vegetables on daily basis you can fill the deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Make sure you eat lentils every day if you are not consuming sprouted grains.

  4. Mix large quantity of ginger, garlic, turmeric powder and other Indian seasonings in the curries.

  5. Strictly avoid non-veg food for a period of 90 (30 + 60) days.

  6. Make sure you get exposed to the sun at least 30 minutes per day for a period of 90 (30 + 60) days or till you suffer from the COVID-19 symptoms and recover.

  7. Exercise your body for a period of 90 (30 + 60) days by making sure that most of the body parts are in action. Yogasanas is the best way of bringing active movement in all internal organs of the body.

  8. Start your day by drinking one liter water (100 ml to 500 ml for kids depending on their age) on empty stomach to give internal bath to  your whole body every day for 90 (30 + 60) days.

  9. Sleep as early as possible preferably without having dinner and have sufficient sleep every night for a period of 90 (30 + 60) days. When you don’t engage your body with the task of digestion during nights, it can self-heal any disease. However, you can have fruits if you feel hungry at nights.

  10. Inhale hot steam twice every day for 60 days or till you suffer from COVID-19 symptoms and recover starting from the day you get deliberately exposed to COVID-19. If you mix neem leaves, ginger, garlic and turmeric powder before boiling the water meant for steaming, it would be highly effective. You require taking in this steam every night before sleeping and every morning after waking up. Breath-in this steam for as much time as possible, minimum being 3 to 5 minutes.


Click the following link to read the 5 page power-packed content dealing with “Warranty conditions of fighting the disease!”


Decide on how many patients you can handle at a time and allow people to get exposed to COVID-19 accordingly. Initially, start with few districts where you got the best hospitals and doctors available in large numbers. Allow high risk people to deliberately get exposed to COVID-19 only by matching their number with the availability of home care paramedical staff, ventilators and free beds in the hospitals of their respective locations. You can follow alphabetical method in asking people to get deliberately get exposed to COVID-19. Example: People whose last name starts with “A” should be placed in the first phase. If no one is ready to be placed in the first phase, you can call for volunteers!


Instead of wasting your precious time during this lockdown, fortify your body to fight against COVID-19. If not today, after 15 days or after 15 weeks, you require facing it. Instead of allowing it to attack you at a wrong time, you better time it and invite. Get ready, be well prepared to welcome COVID-19 deliberately. You can’t escape it forever, as you can’t lockdown forever.

Thank you.


Srinivas Balla


Phone: +91 9882599999

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