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Why you must read Garbhopanishad before conceiving?


I know many people don’t see any science in our Scriptures. I am going to provide required scientific evidence in support of the claims made in Gabhopanishad!


Garbhopanishad, written some thousands of years ago by Maharshi Pippala, is all about giving birth to a healthy baby. This Upanishad claims that the human reproductive cells are produced from bone marrow. Then, before reading this Upanishad any further, I just Googled to verify whether reproductive cells are really produced from bone marrow according to the modern medical science. I suggest you click the following Google result only after you finish reading this full message:

According to the above news, REPRODUCTION, a peer reviewed academic journal, had published that it was only in the year 2007 that scientists came to know that human bone marrow has been used to create early-stage sperm cells………


Till the year 2007, modern scientists were of the view that sperm cells are produced in the testes. But the above research by Professor Karim Nayernia, formerly of the University of Göttingen in Germany but now of the North-east England Stem Cell Institute (NESCI), found that early stage sperm cells are produced in bone marrow and those baby sperm cells are matured in the testes.


I hope now you guys are convinced that we can believe the claims made by Garbhopanishad some thousands of years ago. So, let us get into what Maharshi Pippala suggested to give birth to a healthy baby.​


Sperm cells (father), but not the egg cells (mother), are responsible in deciding the gender of the baby. Therefore, there is no point in blaming the mother for not giving birth to a baby boy.

The couple should not go for conceiving when they are undergoing a period of mentally stressful days. First resolve your problems or adapt yourself to live with those problems with a positive attitude before planning to conceive.


​The food of the pregnant mother should not be the same during her initial 6 month conceiving period, as the formation of different organs of the baby happens at different times. Therefore, mother should consume PAYASAM everyday during the first month, GHEE rich food during the 2nd month, JAGGERY rich food during 3rd month, HONEY rich food during 4th month, GREEN GRAMS rich food during 5th month, TURMERIC rich food during the 6th month and regular food from 7th month onwards. However, mother should consume her regular food along with the special foods meant for different months mentioned above. You better consult your Gynecologist before consuming the aforesaid foods.


Fertilization should not happen at the time of eclipse. Therefore, avoid having sexual intercourse one week before eclipse. In fact, fertilization, the process of sperm cell meeting egg cell, usually happens within 24 hours after having intercourse. But, in a few cases, sperm cell can hang on somewhere in the uterus for days together and then meet the egg cell for fertilization. Maximum lifespan of a sperm cell after ejaculation is 5 days. To be on safe side, you better stop having sex 6 to 7 days before eclipse.


Fertilization should happen during a good muhurat (auspicious time). Make sure that a good muhurat is prevailing over the next 24 hours, as in most cases, fertilization happens within 24 hours from the time of intercourse. In majority cases, fertilization takes place within one hour from the time of intercourse. So, make sure that good muhurat prevails for one hour from the time you participate in sex.


Imbalance of vata, pitta and kapha results in unhealthy babies. Therefore, parents should make sure that they are not suffering from this imbalance before conceiving. Mother should maintain this balance throughout her pregnancy period. Excess pitta (the result of digestion related problems) might give birth to a baby with lesser intelligence. Consult an Ayurvedic doctor to maintain this balance.


It is during the 7th month inside the mother’s womb that the baby remembers all the difficulties he faced during his previous births in different forms. It is at this time the baby takes up a resolution to try for the liberation from the chain of births and deaths. Unfortunately, the baby forgets his resolution of using this life to get liberated. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to teach him about liberation and keep him or her on that track.



It is the responsibility of this Pro-Hindu government to establish a research house to research into all our scriptures and come up with all valid points that can be used in our generation as well with scientific evidence. Our scientists should stop researching everything from the scratch, as if the world has just got civilized from 15th century, the belief that is being spread by the westerners. We can speed up the research only by studying all the ancient scriptures and proceeding from where our Maharshis left their research.




Srinivas Balla

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