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Srinivas Balla

The moment someone starts talking about Vedic concepts, we conclude that he is either an illiterate or superstitious. This is happening because none of our preachers have supported their theories with logic and reason. And we never confront our preachers as we all have high regard for them and or we all are convinced that Vedic theories are purely a matter of personal belief. Still, if you insist for logic, our own Hindu preachers, being influenced by the western materialistic thinking, claim that yoga is to cure diseases, meditation is to get stress relief, spiritual thinking is for peace etc nonsense. Every single Vedic concept’s primary objective is to bring some eternal benefit. Remember, no single Vedic practice is aimed at bringing in physical benefits. If at all a particular Vedic practice is delivering you some material benefit, it is purely a POSITIVE SIDE EFFECT.


Now it is my turn. What and how should I preach? Neither I enjoy the luxury of being considered as a highly regarded personality, nor I was influenced by the western materialistic thought – I ought to substantiate every single Vedic concept that I put-forth with the real reason. Moreover, it is my life mission to prove that original Vedic concepts are purely a matter of most advanced science, but not at all a matter of mere personal belief.

That is the reason, instead of just commanding you to follow my instructions blindly – I tried to provide detailed logic behind every single Vedic concept and also made it sure that every one of you will be able to produce spiritual power to match your needs, once you finish reading my 52 pages book, titled as “GOD REALIZATION”. Whatever they failed to convey in thousands of books, each one filled with several hundreds of pages, is taught here in just 52 pages! Am i boasting myself? You will come to know only after reading it. Interestingly, to produce spiritual power and realize the God – you don’t need to leave your family, you don’t need to meditate in Himalayas, you don’t need to sit in padmasana position……….That is what i learned during my one and half year stay in Himalayas, although i stayed there with my family.


Initially, we are coming up with 11 books, available here for you to read them online or download for free. One among those 11 books, SELF HEALING EVEN LIFE THREATENING DISEASES WITH VEDIC LIFESTYLE, deals with disease management from the Vedic perspective. Believe me, there is no single disease that can't be cured. This book teaches you the step by step process of self-heaing, even if you are suffering from a fatal disease or disorder! This book also shows you the difference between ancient science and modern medical science, by exposing the food and healthcare mafia behind the so called modern medical science. Most of the content of this book SELF HEALING....... can be found in the remaining 10 FREE books. The only difference is that SELF HEALING......... is written by keeping patients in mind and the remaining 10 FREE books here are meant for everybody. In another couple of years, we are going to bring-forth two more subjects: The Original Veda and Vedic Astrology! Mind you, original Vedic Astrology has nothing to do with predictions. It is all about lifestyle. 

Once i finish writing ORIGINAL VEDA and other important books of VEDIC SCIENCE, it is my wish to reestablish the vanaprastha ashram (a spiritual retreat) in some forest. Interested people are requested to be in touch with me. It is not mandatory to live in that ashram forever, as you can also lead the same lifestyle at your regular home. You don't need to leave your family. You can bring your family along too. It is high-time to go back to the original Vedic life.

Srinivas Balla, the Founder Director and Author, is a graduate in Law from Andhra University and a post-graduate in Management from Indian Institute of Advanced Management.

Please note that is neither affiliated to nor recognized by any government body. is a free online self-learning platform, created and run by its Founder Director, Srinivas Balla.


11 FREE Digital Books

Among the below given 11 FREE books, the first one is an example of ancient science, whereas, the last one is an example of modern science. It is up to you now to decide, which one is to be made fun of! The good news is that 8 out of these 11 books are under 30 pages, and so, you can finish reading each book within 90 minutes! And the best part is that, what others convey in hundred pages is written here in just ten pages. COMPACT YET COMPLETE! If you are not comfortable reading online, download for free and read offline or take a print-out. Find download button at the end of this page.

By clicking on the below given first button, of X shape in ash colour, you will be able to enlarge and read the book online. Click the same button to minimise the book size. Click on > button to flip and go to the next page and < button to flip and go back to the previous page. Double click on any page to zoom it into full screen. Please don't forget to leave your feedback in the comments box.


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